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Craze For Fanciful Coffins made in Ghana

Craze For Fanciful Coffins

The craze for fanciful coffins made in Ghana is on the rise across Ghana, Africa, and the world. What started from a small corner in Accra, Ghana’s capital city by carpenters has caught the eye of the world.

Fanciful coffins are coffins made with local wood and shaped in all manner of items. Coffins come in the form of cars, mobile phones, coca-cola bottles, microphones, bibles and a host of items.

These coffins are made to suit the profession of the deceased. If the person who has passed on is a teacher, his coffin is likely to be a pen or a book.

Where are Fanciful Coffins made?

Walking through the streets of Accra in the coastal towns, one can be greeted with amazing designs of coffins. Coffins have moved form simple designs and a few woods to sophisticated ones that make the jaw drop at the first instance. Many will not notice these artifacts are coffins until one gets closer.

Today, although the usual triangular coffins are patronized, the incredible fanciful coffins and new designs are preferred for by people who want to portray the profession of the dead at his or her funeral as a sign of last respect.


Hence coffins are designed in unique forms; The requirements of the family to the carpenter determine what is made if the type wanted is not available.

Cost of Fanciful Coffins made in Ghana

The cost of fanciful coffins is higher compared to the ordinary ones because, it demands a lot of skills, time and resources to make. The workload and the cost of making it makes it difficult for carpenters to pre-finance them.

Due to the cost, most families that buy these are those who are rich, can afford it and see the need for it.

Some Drivers Unions in Ghana have made it a rule to buy a coffin made in the form of a car for their chief drivers when they pass on. Other Associations and organizations also have similar bye-laws.

This has however changed as demand for them continues to sour and families visit coffin shops to purchase while on display. If you intend to give the dead a special treat and be happy with it, then you may join the craze for fanciful coffins made in Ghana for a loved ones.



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