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Lanto Azasime, eggshells artists with the environment at heart

Lanto Azasime eggshells artists

Lanto Azasime is a young Ghanaian eggshells artists with the environment at heart. Why do we say, eggshell artists? Well, we coined that but, you will be amazed at what thing the young man is doing with discarded eggshells from your kitchen. Read on…

One young Ghanaian artist who is transforming the world of art through innovation and creativity is LANTO KWAME AZASIME. He is a Bachelor of Technology  Degree student at the Takoradi Technical University in Ghana studying in animation. Lanto has qualifications in painting from the same university. He is unique and versatile in pencil, abstract, landscape, portrait drawings and digital paintings.

Eggshells Project -Lanto Azasime
Lanto Kwame Azasime


In 2018, the young Ghanaian artist received an award in Nigeria for using creative arts and paintings to preserve the good image of Africa at the Ghana-Nigeria achievers awards.

His artworks have continued to address social issues, injustice, abuse, peacebuilding, and corruption. According to him, Abladey Glover of Ghana, American Justin Pollock his tutors on the Takoradi Technical University.

The Eggshells Project Lanto

To make the environment clean, beautiful and help fight climate change he has started the Egg Shell Project as an artist. Lanto Azasime, the eggshells artists is amazing with what he does with the material.


He uses discarded raw materials as his major raw material for his artworks. Lanto believes one can deploy innovation cum creativity to deal with waste in Ghana and any part of the world.

As the world gets challenged to fix the climate and deal with climate change which is the world’s biggest threat, Lanto Kwame Azasime, the master artist is using his arts to improve the environment and make it beautiful.

Today, he is bringing positive change into the environment, the arts and had discovered better use for materials such as eggshells which were hitherto considered waste.

The Initial Challenge of his Journey as an Artist

According to him, many had tried to discourage him and would have killed his passion and love for arts if he had listened to them rather than his heart.

Again, he cannot fathom why the arts industry is not booming in Ghana. He believes Ghana’s are beginning to love arts. However, he was quick to add that, the desire and passion to buy arts in Ghana are still low.

Lanto gets his eggshell from food vendors, waste sites and others. In the video attached Lanto explains how he processes this cheap but useful resource and converts them into amazing artworks.

Arts and talent

Many who have come into contact with the artworks he has made from eggshells are amazed by the beauty they harbor. His dexterity, talent, and skill as an artist, student, and an entrepreneur are worth commending.

However, the young buzzing artist is of the view that there is life after death, and that waste such as eggshells can be brought to life and made useful to the environment through his artworks.

Aspirations of Lanto Kwame Azasime the Artist

He aspires to become a household name in the world of arts and also dreams of gaining a scholarship to continue his study in some of the world’s best art universities in the world like Royal College of Art,  University of the Arts London (UAL) and  Parsons School of Design at The New School.

 Plans for 2020 and beyond

Trendit360 caught up with him and asked him what motivates you. He was passionate and straight to the point with his answer “I am motivated by my environment” he said.

In addition, he said, his major major plan for next year is to come out with more artworks and put together exhibits. Lanto is also looking forward to selling his artworks in Ghana and to the world.

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Lanto Kwame Azasime is a gem, a rare talent in our time, he will go places. You have not seen the best of him. He is a brand not just an artist.

We at Trendit360 have no doubt he is one of the finest artists the world must take note of.

He can be a great climate change advocate and continue to use arts to impart climate change issues and give meaning to the efforts to save our planet through arts.

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