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Meet Ghana’s young and finest spoken word artiste – Skrybla

finest spoken word artiste - Skrybla

Meet Ghana’s young and finest spoken word artiste Reginald Erzoah known in the art community as Skrybla. Skrybla is a spoken word artiste who seeks to promote core values and discuss vital issues challenging society and the youth through his words.

Spoken word is a poetic performance that focuses on using words to inspire, advise, educate and entertain the audience.

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The art has become popular among Africans and Ghanaians in recent times and continues to produce young and talented Ghanaians like Skrybla who is impacting society one spoken word performance at a time. The aesthetics of wordplay uses intonation and voice inflection carefully selected words arranged and given unique rhythmic patterns to achieve the needed effect on the audience.

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The young and finest spoken word artiste – Skrybla is leaving no stone unturned to give Ghana and the world the best-spoken word performances that will continue to wow patrons of the art.

In a brief interview with Skrybla, Ghana’s finest kid on the block who is a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). According to him, the reception and support from the Ghanaian community have been great but he believes more support for the spoken word art is needed if Ghanaians are to benefit fully from it.

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He added that, in recent times, he and his able team have been working on several single tracks and an Extended Play (EP) with other spoken word artists and singers.

His passionate appeal to his teaming fans and Ghanaians, in general, is that they should keep supporting the culture and hope for nothing but the best from Skrybla.

We are yet to see the best from the finest spoken word artiste – Skrybla, but his arts and performances continue to amuse many. His spoken word performances are centered around motivating, encouraging good moral values and shaping the positive mindset of today’s youth.

In fact, hearing the finest spoken word artiste – Skrybla is worth the time and cost.

Reach him on social media :

Twitter & Instagram @Skrybla_
Facebook: Skrybla Official

Source: NewsGhana24 


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