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7 Secrets To Productivity, Success, and Happiness


Productivity, happiness, and success are important if any one is to deal with stress. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston S. Churchill

Success does not come because you wish for it but because you worked for it. Happiness , success and productivity are interrelated.

If you miss being productive, you are indirectly not make progress. When things are not done well, and success eludes you, you become anxious and stress sets in.

Many other factors play a role in making life unhappy for many. This write up will open up the simple realities many have failed to see and help you deal with it.

There are also tons of things that contribute to unhappiness here: Facebook notifications, emails, texts, and chatty co-workers are just a small fraction of the disruptions we’re bombarded with.

These “little things” can stack up fast and lead to hampering your happiness and productivity levels.

Learn how to be productive with the 11 tips below and reclaim your everyday productivity and your happiness, once and for all.

1. Be Happy Now

Be happy now for life is too short and fragile. Be happy now irrespective of what you do or where you are. Begin by identifying something for which you can be thankful everyone should be thankful for at least one thing.

Most people around the world still find it difficult to obtain clean drinking water … so you can even thank God water container filled with water right now on the desk. Others do not have that.

You can increase daily happiness by being Grateful — List three new things that you are grateful for on a daily basis.

2. Finish Your Day Before It Starts

A proper plan the key to optimum efficiency, and setting daily goals and targets helps as well. Learn the habit of planning daily activities and manage your daily tasks properly to avoid stress. Here is an insightful approach for scheduling and prioritizing.

Think through and brainstorm to identify all major things to do, places to visit and make sure they are well coordinated to achieve the best results and save time.

3. Celebrate the Small Wins -Productivity Success and Happiness

If you planned to arrive 5 minutes to time and achieve that for a meeting, celebrate it. Say things like. Wow, I did it. One egg slice of bread for this success.

You release a’ happy chemical’ in your brain known as dopamine every time you check a task from your to – do list. This provides you the incentive to make further progress and do more.

When I click publish and this article goes live… i will celebrate the achievement. This will get some “good chemicals” in my brain and this must surely be refreshing and make me feel good as well. If we all learn to celebrate our little victories, we will also learn to appreciate our efforts and this can help deal with stress.

Journal your positives each day— Spend a few minutes writing down three positive experience you have had each day. 

4. Leverage like There’s No Tomorrow

Many of us want to do everything for ourselves, we fell others will not do it the way we want it done. The best way is to delegate and direct. this will save you time and stress.

Identifying tasks you can outsource or leverage out to a virtual assistant and focus on other things or some fan while others do the work for you at a fee. Freelancers can help deal with this work and also save you from stress.

Spend your energy doing things you don’t need or spark your passion. Hire others to do the work and everything in your way or automate the processes and save precious time.

Spend some of the time gained as a result of the delegation to Exercise but be mindful of cardio activities daily to keep the body in shape and the mind in focus.

5. Recharge Your Batteries for Productivity Success and Happiness

Find out the number of hours if sleep the body needs and pamper your self with enough sleep. You will be happy to spend quality time-stretching, relaxing even if you are not sleeping. Relaxing, doing less helps deal with stress and tension.

6. Be an Early Riser

It is one of the “hacks” of productivity often underutilized on earth. Since I made the decision to wake up each day at 4 a.m to start writing content, I have increased my productivity and I have appreciated the success early money writing brings, this has made me happier.

Waking early is great because no one disturbs since most people aren’t up early. Use early morning hours to this time to practice, meditate, plan and do things that demand a high level of concentrating and thinking or start your day.

At this time of the day, why not spend some time to Meditate. Today, there are many apps that help achieve this on a daily basis

7. Let your Work be guided by Passion

Passion drives success and so do what you are passionate about each day and increase your happiness. The more you do this the more you have success. As a writer, sharing my write-ups and ideas gives me so much satisfaction. This makes me happy. What about you.

Consider it your mission to draw the distinction between work and play by doing more stuff. It encourages gladness in the office as well as in private life

Identify your passion, and make good use of it every day and every time or discover how you might enjoy what you’re doing.

In addition to the above, you can increase daily happiness by being kind toward others.

“Engage in act of kindness by helping others out of trouble, advising someone else every day could add up to your daily success.”

Productivity happiness and life cannot be repeated if you are to deal with life’s tress bit by bit and be comfortable within. Put these simple but effective ways shared here into practice and see the results.



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