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Angry Climate Change Dares Mankind ahead of 2020

Climate Change Dares Mankind

Climate Change Dares Mankind ahead of 2020 as the year 2019 draws to a close, its anger has been visible in its devastating nature in the last 12 months.

The year has not been one without natural disasters and those induced by us all in an effort to extract minerals, mine materials, obtain fossil fuel and boost our businesses that impact the world’s climate negatively. 2019 ended well for young Greta Thunberg for her advocacy work towards world leaders’ efforts at changing the climate change story for better.

2020 does not look like it is going to be better unless we take painful steps toward addressing climate issues.  

Climate Change and Land Reclamation in Ghana

The Legon Botanical Gardens, located in the University of Ghana in Accra Ghana is one place where clay was mined and the area was converted into a man-made dam to improve on nature and give back to the earth. This is the way to go but alas, many have not seen the need to preserve and protect our planet.

Climate Change, and #ClimateAction, the story so far

For many businesses and governments, there is less to worry about if destroying the natural environment will lead to more worth and business boom. 

It is evidently clear that our world is not getting safer if we continue in the direction we are heading to. There were violent climatic catastrophes in 2019  across the world. Cities do not know for floods were greeted with daring experiences, earthquakes and hurricanes left many poor people displaced without food, water and shelter.


One deadly tropical typhoon in August in China lead to the death of 72 people.

Typhoon Lekima swept many provinces in China and left signs of its devastation behind. Its floods destroyed major roads and bridges.

When the world was thinking this was the last disaster of such size, the angry climate visited us once again in Japan and over 80 died in Japan from Typhoon Hagibis.

Angry climate dares mankind ahead of 2020 and India was not spared the wrath of our lack of resolution and total commitment across the globe to take the fight against climate change seriously. 

Heatwaves swept through India during the 2019 summer and caused the death of 90 people as temperatures skyrocketed to some 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius), Japan had its share, as well as a similar heatwave in Japan, killed 162 people.

Wait a minute, Cyclone Idai claimed over 900 lives in Africa. These events, natural as they have high levels of human elements emanating from how we have treated the earth over the years gone by. 602 casualties were recorded in Mozambique and 299 in Zimbabwe. Mozambique’s second-largest port was not spared the wrath of nature. 

Climate advocates leading the crusade, scientists and researchers who are engulfed in telling the true nature of the devastation climate change is having now, and would have in future have not painted a nice picture not because, there are prophets of doom but that, the reality does not look promising for the world. 

If the world is to deal with the negative and reverse the serious incremental effects of improper use and abuse of nature, it demands attitudinal change, change of mindset, understanding of the climate change story, a resolute world, businesses, and governments to step up the effort. 

Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation 

There has been a call to implement critical mitigation measures and actions to reduce and help deal with the challenge climate poses to our existence.We need to take bold steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions and adapt measures to reduce our vulnerability to the negative impact of climate change.

The world’s people need to take up adaptation measures seriously if we are to make any positive impact at all. Adaptation measures will help reduce our vulnerability.

we have to reduce sensitivity or build adaptive capacity, allow communities in areas previously poorly suited to profit from climate change, by growing crops, trees, educating the village and city folks on dangers of our excessive use of the environment without efforts to replenish it.


Angry climate dares mankind ahead of 2020, what can you, me, she, her and all of us do to make our climate a little better? Every action matters let us act now climate change is real. Climate dares mankind ahead of 2020  but we can start winning via #ClimateDebate which must continue because #ClimateChangeIsReal, and if we do not do anything about #ClimateChange we continue to suffer.  It is now a #ClimateEmergency time and we have a  #ClimateCrisis at hand that needs a positive sincere #ClimateAction across the rank and file in society to safeguard our future. As Climate Change Dares Mankind, Let us dare it as well by taking action now. It starts with you. 


  1. What can we do to mitigate climate change?

Businesses, governments, and everyone must see the fight against climate change as a fight for the survival of the human race. Businesses are looking at a profit rather than the safety of the earth.

The big and powerful countries and businesses must lead by example and genuinely invest in climate-related issues.

Greta Thunberg and all the young children of today must be made to know that the impact of destructive and abusive use of the environment and decisions made by leaders today impacts the future. We must walk the talk in finding lasting solutions through mitigation




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