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2018 Trained Teachers, Forgotten Endangered Species of GES

2018 trained teachers

2018 trained teachers have become forgotten endangered species of the Ghana Education Service (GES). From the deeds and posture of the GES and the MoE, it can evidently be deduced that these teachers have been forgotten since the government has no intention to post them any time soon.

The MoE and the Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh have become synonymous to promise and fail in the eyes of this group of teachers.

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Today, these 2018 batch of trained professionals have become forgotten endangered species of GES because no one seems to be concerned about posting them into schools where their services are needed. There are schools in Ghana that need teachers in deprived communities yet, the government is unwilling to take proactive actions on this matter.

This group of teachers have struggled and battled the government since they were due for posting to no avail.

One wonders if the government is committed to the well being of teachers trained by the government, using government resources for the teaching field.

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On one occasion statements emanating from top officers at the MoE teased teachers and asked them to seek for employment in private schools where proprietors and proprietress are un

willing to pay decent wages and salaries for such trained teachers because untrained teachers are in abundance, ready to do the work for lower pay.

Enrollment in many public schools is staggering and classes have as high as 60 to 80 pupils per class in some schools. One of the ways the government can help improve teacher effectiveness and efficiency is to employ an additional teacher for classes that have more than 45 pupils. This will help increase the service quality of teachers in such classrooms whiles providing employment to the teeming unemployed trained teachers who are going “waste” and are being exploited by some private schools.

If the nation wants to improve the performance of children in public basic schools, it will not emanate from only training of teachers on the new curriculum and the provision of the required tools for work but also the quality of delivery.

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The current overcrowded classrooms with just a teacher to handle negate efforts of NaCCa to improve and introduce improved standards in our education sector.

The long talk must end, practical and strategic decisions need to be implemented, employing one more teacher for overcrowded classes is the sure way to go.

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leaving one teacher in charge of more than 45 students in a class shows that we have missed the fundamental basics. Teachers in such classrooms cannot handle such numbers.

The health of teachers and students and stress implications on the teacher can be devastating.

Enrollment into basic schools has increased tremendously over the last few years however, every over-bloated classes are managed by just a teacher. Let’s do the needful to save our education, it’s quality, efficiency, teacher improved productivity and the future of students and pupils in overcrowded classrooms. 2018 trained teachers deserve better.

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