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Control “the stubborn boy in front” , don’t have sex with learners- Teachers told

2018 trained teachers

Control “the stubborn boy in front”, don’t have sex with learners is the latest advice from a passionate teacher with the safety and well being of pupils and students at heart. His advice, “don’t have sex with learners” is not only timely but timeless and relevant as male teachers very often take undue advantage of their female students.

This said it is a fact that there as female teachers who are also culpable of the same offence but the percentage compared to male teachers is low.

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Male teachers who are in the habit of having sex with the small girls, let’s stop it. Let’s discipline the stubborn boy between our legs. That path leads to destruction and disgrace.

I am sorry to say this. I Will be raw this time. Don’t shake your head. It is happening. People say, Teacher student relationship is as old as education. Well, inasmuch as that may be true it shouldn’t be a motivation to continue. Some also defend that, other sector workers like the nurses, police and okada boys are sleeping with them and impregnating them anyhow but nobody says anything. That’s not enough justification for us to also join them. If nothing at all, it’s against our constitution as a country against our professional code of ethics. We know ourselves. Let’s stop it, the advice is simply don’t have sex with learners.

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Whether she is throwing herself at you or her parents are pushing her on you, be guided by your conscience and GES professional code of conduct. They are bound to happen. The temptations sometimes get high up. But remember “No unhealthy relationship with your pupils.”

I don’t know the kind of clay God is using to create them now, they look too beautiful and tempting at times but truth be told, These girls are innocent. They are vulnerable. They are naive. Don’t take advantage of them? Control the boy in between your legs before it leads your head to the slaughterhouse. Don’t have sex with learners, it is not part of your mentoring and responsibility as a role model.

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Their parents trusted you and entrusted them into your care to teach them knowledge, values and virtues. Tell me, How will you feel if you found out that your daughter of 13, 14 or 15yrs in another school is being used as sex machine by one of her teachers? I bet you, you would like to skin him alive or even castrate him. So you see, it pains. I would love to add more, but I think I’ve made enough point to send the message across.

Dear reader, advice your sisters, your students or your neighbour’s daughter to be careful about teachers of the opposite sex most especially when he is acting too caring and showing silly signs flirting, pressing the breast, the buttocks, and praising her body . Advice her to be bold and say “NO, STOP IT”. Advice them to shout for help when he refuses to stop. Be their friend, create a kind of relationship with them that they can confide in you with such cases. But don’t act on impulse, handle the cases maturely. If you decide to blow it out of proportion We are humans too, we have feelings that sometimes drives us crazy.


—Hon. Jerry Akporhor —-



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