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Dont’ Blame Free SHS If WASSCE 2020 Students Fail


One undisputed fact about examinations is that at all levels is, failure is inevitable whenever students take an exam. Failure is bound to happen in the WASSCE 2020 and this will have nothing to do with the Free SHS policy of the government.

All the government did with the introduction of the Free SHS Policy is to increase access to secondary education and to foot the bills through national resources.

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We cannot deny the fact that the Free SHS Policy and its implementation are not flawed. It will, therefore, be very myopic on the part of anyone to think that, the government can perform some form of magic that will make WASSCE 2020 candidates perform better than they can. The will to excel lies in the student in the long run.

The government created an enviable opportunity for all the students and it is up to them to make good use of that opportunity. According to Albert Einstein, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. ”

The first batch of Free SHS who have their work cut out for the WASSCE 2020 would have themselves to blame if they cannot sit down, take their lessons and preparation serious and come out with good grades.

Such good grades will give them leverage to enter any of the tertiary institutions; Universities, Colleges of Education or Nursing Training Colleges and others.

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WASSCE 2020 candidates who fail the exams will look back and see the great opportunity the Nana Addo led government offered them and regret for not taking advantage of it.

This is so because a poor performance will mean parents spending to enroll such students in remedial schools to start all over again since the public secondary schools will not have room for such persons.

It saddens the heart of parents, teachers and other stakeholders that, today, some Senior High Students have lost focus as to why they are in school.

Whiles the serious students are burning their midnight oils, others spend time engaging in fruitless discussions on social media.

NewsGhana24 has come across a Whatsapp group formed by SHS students which is aimed at helping them find sexual partners on WhatsApp.

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The question is why won’t students’ government is spending on create groups to have subject-based discussions with members from different schools so as to leverage on the diversity in the group to learn, share ideas and build useful networks? Are these students really worth investing the taxpayers’ hard-earned money on?

Some students as reported by newsghana24.com have also joined groups to buy leaked examination questions. Such students are of the view that they cannot pass or learn to pass their examinations.

The government has given WASSCE 2020 candidates, a rare opportunity, there is a need for them to realize the reasons for these investments and begin to take their upcoming examinations serious.

Ghana will not settle for poor performance and the president will not be excited if they fail to pass massively.

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It is a make or break venture for these final year SHS students. Teachers must continue to do their best and prepare these students but, the level of student commitment, desire to succeed at the WASSCE will further inspire and motivate teachers to give off their best. Thomas Edison has said it all “There is no substitute for hard work”. Our WASSCE 2020 candidates must keep working hard if they want success to smile at them.

For WASSCE 2020 students who are seeing failure insight and not waking up from the low input and effort. This is the time to shake off the thoughts and develop a positive mindset. Thomas Edison’s “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” should even propel you yo greater heights.

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Students must always remember that limits exist only in the mind because there is no limit to what man can attain. The power is yours, the choice is in your hands and you have yourself to blame if you fail the WASSCE 2020 after all the sacrifices Ghana has made for you. Don’t mess up the Free SHS Policy opportunity.


SOURCE: NewsGhana24 |Wisdom Hammond


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