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How to fund Free SHS graduates 2020 university admission

2020 University Admission

The Free SHS policy relieved parents from their education financing at the secondary school level since the government rolled out the policy. However, the government will not pay the fees of Free SHS graduates who gain admission into the tertiary institutions come September to December 2020 when these students enter tertiary level education. It is no doubt that 2020 University Admission funding will be tough for many parents and guardians.

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The responsibility and burden will shift to parents hence there is the Aneed to be proactive by planning ahead, saving funds to meet the financial demands of tertiary education if they want their wards to smoothly progress into the universities, colleges of education and nursing training colleges should they pass the WASSCE 2020.

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If only 50% of Free SHS students pass the WASSCE 2020 and the NOV-DEC students join them to apply for tertiary admissions. That will be close to 300,000 applications or more.

With the limited admission opportunities in both public and private universities, one’s inability to pay approved fees on time could make one lose his or her admission slot to another student on the waiting list.

The tendency for parents to lose sight of the fact that they will now have to fund their wards education may be daunting. A minimum savings of Ghs500 and a maximum of ghs1500 is required to buy university admission form(s) while at least Ghs5000 is required for tertiary education tuition and lodging.

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Raising such an amount has not been an easy huddle for many parents and guardians in the past, however, taking a proactive step towards tertiary education financing for Free SHS graduates ahead of their WASSCE 2020 examination is the sure way to ensure a smooth progression from pre-tertiary education to tertiary.

Brilliant students and many more who passed the WASSCE in the past have had to stay home for many more years due to the lack of funding for their tertiary education. For some, churches, individual philanthropists, scholarship awarding NGOs and secretariates had to come to the rescue of such students and dreams.

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Parents cannot and should not always rely on such opportunities to fund 2020 University Admission of their wards but take their ward’s destiny into their own hands.

This writes up is an early signal for parents and guardians to start thinking and taking financing decisions as well as putting in place strategies to raise enough money towards their university education.

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Parents could open special savings accounts from now and save funds in them for the tertiary education funding.

For those who have education-related investments and insurance policies, this will be the time to start finding out from your insurer or investment managers of such funds, how much you can raise from such policies in the next three months to fund your ward’s education.

Knowing this off-hand will help you take precautionary and proactive decisions on what to do to raise the difference.

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Save towards your Free SHS graduate’s University education now. It pays to be proactive.




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