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Mahama to Cancel Teacher Licensure Exams in 2021

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H.E John Dramani Mahama-Flag bearer of the NDC

The flag bearer and candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama has indicated that he will cancel the Teacher Licensure Exams for teachers when voted into power in the 2020 general elections.

According to him, the best alternative for the government is to improve teaching and learning, resource teacher colleges of education and ensure the final examination of teachers meets a higher standard.

cancel Teacher Licensure Exams

He made this statement during the JohnMahamaLive program on TV and Facebook.

If this is done, he believes it will do away with the situation where rained teachers have to sit for Teacher Licensure Exams.

The Teacher Licensure Exams before its implementation by the government and after implementation has become a thorn in the flesh of teachers who had undergone training as professionals.

He believes high standard examinations and teaching and learning in colleges have what it takes to do away with the Teacher Licensure Exams.

Teachers including newly trained teachers in the wake of the introduction of the licensure examination, staged demonstrations to kick against the new policy by the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service. They plan was to canvas for support from teachers and the general public for the government to cancel Teacher Licensure Exams policy but this did not materialize.

The teachers and other stakeholders of education were of the view that the government was intruding the Teacher Licensure Exams to dut down the employment of teachers.

The Teacher Licensure Exams fees further increased the agitation of teachers.  Teachers sitting foe the exams for the first time were to bay a non-refundable fee of GHS220.00 to register for the examination while those resiting a paper are to pay GHS100.00. Those who are resiting two and three papers are to pay a total of GHS200.00 and GHS220.00 respectively.

With the promise of John Dramani Mahama that he will cancel Teacher Licensure Exams w when voted into power in 2020, how will teachers and teacher unions be feeling now?


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