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New JHS Curriculum starts in September 2020 – NaCCA

New JHS Curriculum

The New JHS Curriculum starts in September 2020 according to NaCCa. The CCP is a standards-based curriculum that seeks to develop the 6 key competencies, eg critical thinking, and problem-solving, in learners.

When the CCP takes off in September 2020, Teachers will be trained for the various grades thus JHS1 to SHS1 for the effective CCP implementation.

What is not clear is whether students currently in JHS1 and 2 will be affected by the new curriculum.

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The old subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, French, Basic Design and Technology, Ghanaian Language, ICT, RME taught from JHS 1 to SHS 1 will be replaced with nine new subjects.

New JHS Curriculum has 9 subjects thus Maths, Languages, Science (embodying both the Natural and Applied Sciences), RME, Physical and Health Education, Career Technology, Social Studies, Computing and Creative Arts and Design.

Again, it is not clear if NaCCa is counting English, French and Ghanaian Language as one language in the new curriculum.

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Project work, community service and engagements will be integrated as part of a comprehensive learner assessment that emphasizes DOING.

NSAT a nationwide assessment will be conducted in JHS 2 to generate data for improvement at all levels of management and implementation. (NB: NSAT is an assessment, NOT an examination).

NaCCA has indicated that both and learners resource packs will be provided to facilitate effective teaching and learning of the content of the New JHS Curriculum come September 2020.

Placement exams into SHS will be conducted at the end of JHS 3; however, the mode and format is likely to change to reflect the CCP demands.

Before SHS 2, students take Common Core Exams to guide them in choosing a combination of courses for High School Diploma Programmes (HSDP) or Career-related programmes (CRP).

From SHS 2 -3, students decide either to pursue career-related programme or an academic one or both.




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