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School Feeding caterers threaten naked Demo at President’s  residence 

Ghana School Feeding Programme

Several disgruntled caterers employed and contracted under the Ghana School Feeding Programme to cook for school children in basic schools besieged the residence of the president of Ghana,  President Nana Akufo-Addo in Accra.

The caterers have threatened to stage a historic naked demonstration right in front of the president’s residence if the money owed them is not settled in full by the government.

A few of the caterers spoke to the media present at the said venue and said the government has not paid them for more than one year for the work they have done.

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The Ghana School Feeding Programme cooks have tried time without number to get the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection who is in charge of such matters to pay them what they are due but no positive feedback has come forth.

Since every effort had proven futile demonstrating in the presence of the president’s residence is the last resort for them.

Some of them revealed, they pre finance their work with loans from banks; the banks are putting pressure and stress on them to settle their principals and interest accumulated. According to the women, they can not take the pressure from the banks anymore.

They vowed to spend the night in front of the president’s residence to press home their demand for delayed payments for work done.

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In November 2019, Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Cynthia Morrison disclosed that about 7,000 School Feeding Caterers have Been Duly Paid various sums owed them by the government for the third term of the 2018/19.

This new development and revelations seem to be contrary to the information as the women complain that they are owed more than a year’s work done.

However, trendit360 is unable to tell if the women are part of those who were announced to have been paid or the about 1000 Ghana School Feeding Programme caterers who were not verified as at November 2019.


FQAs: What is the Ghana School Feeding Program?

The Ghana School Food Program (GSFP) is a program or policy of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) with support from the government of Ghana. This Pillar 3 of the MDGs is aimed at improving food security and reducing hunger in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs) on hunger, deprivation, and malnutrition. Through this program, the government of Ghana serves at least one hot meal a day is selected schools. This program has led to a drastic increase in enrollment of children in schools in the schools where the program is held.



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