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Schools to open when it is safe – Education Minister


Schools to open when it is safe according to The Minister for Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh. According to The Education Minister has revealed, this remains one of the critical issues in the education sector. The reopening date for schools that were forced to close down due to the COVID-19 to protect learners, educators, and the entire population of the country will be done with the safety of our students and learners in mind.


While speaking on NAPO ON GHONE TV he indicated that Parliament has brought a Memorandum that if any group has something against the PRE-TERTIARY Education, it should bring it to the attention of the government. Such persons will be given the chance to defend their point of view. If you say clause 3 is your problem then you explain to parliament, then we know what to do. He added.

He called on parents to thank teachers if less than 3 months they, parents have begun to complain of their disturbing children in their homes. “If I were you when school resumes, I would have walked to the school and say thank you to the teacher who handles 60-80 children in a class”. He said.


Double-track system and NDC and propaganda

According to the minister, Ghanaians are not against the double-track system at the SHS but rather the NDC, and their propaganda is what makes it look bad. As DR BAWUMIA said if it were to be your son/daughter would you tell him/her to stay home and so tha somebody’s kid go? This is a propaganda


He clarified several misconceptions, saying it is not every teacher who writes licensure exams. This is the erroneous impression that some people are circulating on the airwaves that need to be clarified. According to NAPO, only teachers from colleges since the implementation of the licensure exams take the exams. Old teachers are not part of this writing of the exams.

On restored teachers allowances, he indicted that colleges are still tertiary institutions but receive allowances and that government was right to restore teachers allowances. He debunked the allegation that teachers were being restricted from entering into the teaching field. He assured that all teachers from colleges who passed all the exams will be put into the classroom, unlike university graduates and that National Service is mandatory for all Ghanaians and there is nothing wrong with teachers doing the national service.

Performance in education

The Minister for Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh revealed that the current administration inherited low performance in education, but the new curriculum will yield fruitful results for the education sector. According to him, only a few pupils could read but with the new dynamics and new curriculum, the improvements and changes are now on the wall. BECE maths and English were bad but currently are improving and in a few years to come, it will yield hugely.


The Schools to open when it is safe caveat will remain the standpoint of government until such a time that the safety of school children can be guaranteed.


Source: NewsGhana24


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