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Selfless female teacher and another repair broken desk

Selfless female teacher

Teachers in Ghana’s basic schools are among some of the rare very dedicated and selfless employees you can find in Ghana. This was clearly demonstrated by two teachers whose photos popped up on social media.

In a twitter post user @OutlawXtacy posted “So myself and the other teachers came together to fix the broken desks for the kids, everyone deserves a little happy New Year.”

The teacher who shared the pictures is also a Children Rights Activist. She called on individuals, organizations and other CSO to support the school. Interested organizations and individuals can contact her through the twitter handle @OutlawXtacy

Selfless female teacher

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The female teacher and her colleagues’ little acts of kindness and love add so much value and show their high level to their calling as teachers. The Selfless female teacher has shows another side of the hard work teachers do in our schools that never get noticed by politicians.

The picture showed a selfless female teacher and another male teacher busily repairing broken desks of their school to ensure there are enough desks for the school children who had just returned from the Christmas break. The school is likely to be located at Miaso, Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

It will interest you to know that, just as many public schools in the hinterlands cannot boast of furniture, most of the schools that have them either have to rely on the benevolence of teachers to repair them.

In many of Ghana’s basic schools in villages and deprived schools, school children do not have a befitting classroom to learn nor furniture for the learners. During lessons, some children have to sit on the bare ground or floor or lie on their bellies to write.

There are many more who do not have prescribed uniforms and need help. The government seems to be overwhelmed by these challenges but has rolled out programs and policies that ensure every child of school-going age is not denied access to basic education.

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Lucky schools have the respective assemblies supplying them with furniture. School and class populations in many public schools have overwhelmed teachers making it difficult for the government to meet the supply needs of schools on time and regularly for effective teaching and learning.

Although the government has rolled out a new curriculum for basic schools, it is yet to provide textbooks for teachers and schools. This shortfall added to the already compounded poor infrastructure, inadequate furniture for schools and the continuous salary-related battle between government and teacher unions. It only compounds the problems facing Ghana’s education sector today.

Selfless female teacher, keep it up. as you would write in the terminal report of a brilliant pupil in your class.


What is USAID’s contribution to education in Ghana?

In the past, Ghanain education sector strategies have tried to provide basic education for all free of private cost, concentrated assistance on increasing access in deprived districts, shifted emphasis from hardware (school construction) to software (improvements to teacher training, learning materials, and classroom management) and emphasized aid to specific populations known to be underserved and rural. USAID, for instance, have helped to support projects on:

• Quality Improvement in Primary Schools (QUIPS)
• Basic Education Comprehensive Assessment System (BECAS)
• Quality Education for All (EQUALL)
• National Literacy Acceleration Program (NALAP)
• The Grants and Reporting Accountability to Improve Trust (GAIT)

Source: Basic Education Quality in Ghana Report 




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