Home Education Teachers Salaries in, GES Legacy Arrears still pending

Teachers Salaries in, GES Legacy Arrears still pending

GES Legacy Arrears still pending

GES Legacy Arrears still pending although teachers have started receiving their December salaries.

Teachers’ salaries are in as facilitators have started receiving text message alerts, but the infamous Legacy arrears still missing.

Teachers in Ghana haven gone on strike on the 9th od December pressed home their demands but had their industrial strike action terminated through a court order.

The government promised to settle the areas on 19th December. This and other legal implications compelled the teacher unions to call off the strike.

In the wake of the call off, the government promised to pay the areas. On the 19th of December, the arrears teachers were expecting and promised them never came. At the time of publishing this story, teachers banking with the GCB bank had started receiving alerts however, they have confirmed that the December salaries were paid without the legacy arrears.

GES Legacy Arrears still pending, Teachers Strike likely

The teachers are calling for early strike action when the second term of the 2019-2020 academic year begins between 5th and 7th January 2020 for both Basic and Secondary schools.

Teachers are already losing their patience and feel the government has not been faithful and truthful to them. The teachers can not understand why GES Legacy Arrears still pending after the government’s promise. One teacher asked on Facebook if parliamentarians ever had to wait this long to be paid what was due them or if they had legacy arrears in the first place.

Failure of government to deal with the current situation may throw the second term school calendar out of gear especially when final year students in JHS3 and SHS3 will be seating for their BECE AND WASSCE Examinations between May and June.

Strike action by teachers could spell doom for the government as 2020 is an election year. The NPP led government needs to be proactive in tackling this boiling agitation of teachers before it makes government unpopular among teachers in Ghana.

The government is expected to heed to the advice of former president Kuffour who at the 70th Anniversary of Prepmpeh College called on the government to pay teachers well and treat them with respect and dignity.

Already teachers feel they are not valued as a result of government’s posture and so such delay strategies only make government unpopular among teachers who are key stakeholders government must value and appreciate if the education sector is to succeed.

“A stitch in time saves nine” 


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