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WASSCE 2020 Examination Tips For Success


How to Prepare for WASSCE 2020 examination is one of the questions on the minds of students. Preparing for examination is very important and knowing how to prepare and doing the right things during the preparation stage is key to increasing your chance of passing.

6 Ways to Fail WASSCE 2020  Exams and beyond 

NewsGhana24 chanced on the WASSCE 2020 Examination Tips below for students preparing for WASSCE 2020.

  • Although the maxim ‘‘quality before quantity’’ still holds, candidates must be prepared to think carefully and write quickly.
  • The examiner’s task is not an easy one and candidates must strive to facilitate their work by writing legibly.


  • Do not rely on leaked examination questions, start revising early and be serious with it whiles having your target grade in mind. This will help you increase your effort and focus on your target or goal of making good grades. Have you seen this WASSCE 2020: Parents Part of Poor Academic Performances ― WAEC? don’t be a part of it.


  • The actual questions: diagrams can assist in the clarity which candidates strive to achieve. But if they are going to be used in scripts they must be drawn well, accurately labeled and must be explained within the context of the essay. The mere inclusion of an accurately drawn diagram means nothing. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil as mistakes can easily be rectified with an eraser.



  • In answering data response questions involving tables and diagrams, specific figures must be quoted from the data to buttress your point. For example, if a question on equilibrium is set it is not enough to state that equilibrium occurs at the point where demand = supply, MC = MR or MUx = Px reference must be made to specific figures or letters from the data or diagram.


  • It is important to add that WASSCE 2020 Examination tips are aimed at helping you score good marks hence if there are concrete examples that can be given for any explanation, add these examples to your answers. They add weight to your explanation, makes the examiner know yours understand what you are writing inside out.


  • Learn to cancel answers the right way so as not to irritate the examiner. a single strong across the page or the word or sentence is enough. Do not attempt to paint.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment. It may seem obvious that a pen must be brought to the examination room but a spare pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and calculator would be useful addition to the well-equipped candidates.


  • Read the question paper thoroughly. The instructions on the examination paper are there for a purpose and must be read carefully. There are still some candidates who do not scrutinize the rubrics and the inclusion of different sections to the paper can cause unforeseen difficulties
    Carefully select the questions to be answered after comparing the level of difficulty between the questions.


  • Plan your essays by jotting down points before writing
    Without difficult objective questions, answers can be derived through the elimination method or approach.


  • Do not waste time on a particular objective question. Try to answer all objective questions. Don’t leave any objective question unanswered (even if you are not sure of the answers to some of them)

These simple guidelines can help any WASSCE 2020 examination candidate seeking to make good grades.


Source: NewsGhana24


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