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Tic and Tony sue Wizkid , demand over $150,000 in damages


Tic and Tony sue Wizkid for copyright violations and are pleading the court rule in their favour and compel  Wizkid to pay a whopping 35% of revenues from ‘Gbese’ by Wizkid.

They want the court to order Wizkid to pay them 30 million Niaria which translates to 82,765.950 US Dollars. 

They further prayed the court to slap a Twenty Four Million, Four hundred thousand Naira equivalent to $67,316.306on the defendant (Wizkid) as punitive damages for his unlawful infringement on the plaintiff’s copyright. This totals over $150,000 but that is not all. 

In that writ, they are seeking damages worth some 35% of all revenues that have accrued from WizKid’s song. 

The two musicians are also pleading with the court to rule that they are the owners of the lyrics used in the sound recordings for “Gbese”.

If the court goes ahead to grant what the plaintiffs are asking for, Wizkid would have to pay 35% of the Digital Distribution/Sales revenue as well as another 35% being a portion of the Publishing royalties from all future income from the defendants sound recordings titled “Gbese”.

In a recent interview, Tic indicated that he was not excited by the conduct of Wizkid because the latter violated copyright laws by sampling Tic’s chorus from his hit song Tic’s ‘Fefe Ne Efe’. Hence Tic and Tony sue Wizkid to right the wrong done them and to press charges against Wizkid. 

The sampled chorus at the heart of the case was used in Wizkid’s DJ Tunez’s song titled ‘Gbese’. During a live interview, Tic told Andy Dosty he was going to take legal action against Wizkid if the latter did not pay for picking and using his chorus.

However, as at the time of the interview, Tic and Tony Tetuila had already initiated legal action way back in August 2019.

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Tic and Tony sue Wizkid for what they believe was a violation of their rights but Wizkid has revealed earlier on that, Tic inspired him when he began to pursue music as a kid, however, Tic will not be coaxed nor paly is soft as he seeks his fair share and pound of flesh from Wizkid for dropping his guard.

The Afrobeat star intends to continue the pursuit to its rightful conclusion.

This is going to be a landmark case in the music industry no matter how it ends. 

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