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Aba the poet -News in Brief is loading with the Dazzling lady poet

Aba the poet
Aba the poet

Aba the poet is a dazzling young lady poet from KNUST. She seemed to be in mind when Paul Engle said “Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.”

Newsghana24 was wowed by Francisca Aba Baffoe the student and poet who is currently working on a program dubbed News In Brief with Aba the poet when we caught up with her for this post via social media interactions.

News In Brief with Aba the poet will hit the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti region. According to Aba the poet, spoken word will be served at the night of poetry, comedy and live music. A program she is putting together for lovers of poetry is expected to catch the audience spellbound, thrilled and entertained.  This is an event she is looking up to, to explode in her choosing field of art where the best in her is poured out naturally.

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If there was anything she wants lovers of poetry to keep in mind, then it is 18th April 2020 which is the event date.

All roads will be leading to the Indece dining hall (KNUST). A token of appreciation in the form of the Ticket price on the day will be 15GHS for singles and 20GHS for couples.

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The poet was emphatic and said “My ambitions are to take poetry to another level in Ghana for it to be much appreciated” when we seek to find out why the program was being organized.


Aba has been on some amazing shows including the likes of Chaskele, Pan African University debate championship (Akofena 2019), comic Thursdays at the basement bar and lounge( Kumasi mall), tek talk, poetry slam and many more.


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Surprisingly, she is a KNUST final year #Geography student but blends that with what she loves to do and uses to inspire our generation. Aba the poet finds time in-between her tight study schedules to rehearse, write her well-knitted lines made up of carefully selected words and also perform at events.

If you need a poet with the feminine touch, look no further than Aba the poet. Let the prose of  Aba_the_poet, change your pose as you get poised to listen to Aba the poet on the night of poetry, comedy and live music at the News In Brief show.

Her Twitter and Instagram is Aba_the_poet  and on Facebook, she is Aba Baffoe. Catch up with her.


Source: Wisdom Hammond | Newsghana24.com


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