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Ghanaians ‘Allegedly’ Sharing Same Nose Masks at ECG

Sharing Same Nose Masks

A concerned citizen of Ghana has raised the red flag over what looks like the sharing of the same nose masks by customers at an ECG office. The exact office the alleged sharing of nose masks by customers is not yet known.

Those who were prevented from entering the premises because they did not meet the new directive which demands all persons to have nose masks on before entering offices.

The post which was sighted by trendit360 on Facebook read…

How I had goosebumps today…
So my sister went to an ECG office to buy power.
A no facemask no entry policy was being practiced (and rightly so).👏👏
Now there were a lot of people outside who have been refused entry because they didn’t have masks on.

Now after a while some of these people outside decided to “outsmart” ECG….They began to collect the masks of people who had been in already, put them on and go in to get their service!😳😳Yep you read that right…we are sharing masks! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️Oh, The horror.At this rate, what will be the R⁰ for Ghana?Education, education…. how do we get people to get it?Pls pls pls do not share face masks. It just negates everything. Everything.


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