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Predictions or Prophesy?-Trump To Win Impeachment and 2020 Election

Trump To Win Impeachment

A Ghanaian pastor has revealed that the President of the United State, Donald Trump will win the upcoming elections in the US come November 2020.

Leader of the Lords Parliament Chapel, Apostle Amoako Atta indicated that those behind the attempt to impeach the US president are only engaging in an exercise in futility.

Due to whistleblowers revelations and several witnesses who have given testimonies, the president to the United State is sitting on a time bomb. The case was even worsened after the  House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment when it was presented to the house on December 18, 2019.

The president has been accused of abusing his powers and also obstructing Congress. If the trial goes in his favour, he will be a free man. The man of God said, he will sail through and also win the 2020 elections.


Allan Lichtman has since 1948 correctly predicted election results of the United States of America. In 2016, he predicted a narrow victory for Trump and it became the reality that changed the political fortunes of Hillary Clinton. Allan Lichtman also predicted that Trump would be impeached way back in 2016 and here we have it staring in our faces.

According to the historian, his prediction of Trump’s impeached was based on the history and life of Trump which revealed that President Trump had difficulties respecting the law, the truth, wants to enrich and promote himself even at the expense of others.

TB Joshua Prophetically Predicted Trump’s Impeachment long before it happened as well.

Political pundits believe the outcome of the final stage of the impeachment process will have a significant impact on the US presidential election outcomes in 2020.

Apostle Amoako Atta was emphatic during an interview on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem program, aired on Wednesday, that the Next election will be a win for the president. This in itself implies the impeachment attempt will not yield the desired results to prevent him from seeking a second term election.

The man of God, also indicated that should President Trump lose the election, he was ready to lay down his tools as a man of God and stop his pastoral work. In his views, Trump has resuscitated the economy of America and so will win the election.

“They can impeach Trump a thousand times; they cannot remove him from the seat. I will stop preaching if they succeed,” he added.

The pastor seemed overly convinced however, he did not support his claims of prophecy with any revelation that God had given him.

Pastors in Africa including Ghana in the past 10 years have continued to predict and prophesy elections with many of them sounding politically bias making it difficult for people to take them seriously.

Could it be that Apostle Amoako Atta is only playing a gamble based on the fact that the impeachment process is very cumbersome and rarely do such impeachments succeed in America? Why would God reveal this prophecy to a Ghanaian pastor and not any of the men of God in America? Only time will tell.


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