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Let’s put away Arrogance and Pride – Divine Otoo Agorhom of NPP

put away Arrogance and Pride

Let’s put away arrogance and pride is the advice from the NPP Greater Accra Party Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom.

The event is taking place at the dome of the Accra International Trade Fair Centre in Accra. According to the ruling NPP, the party has done better in government and deserves another four years to continue to do more for the country.

At the 27th National Annual Delegates Conference the NPP Greater Accra Party Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom, in his welcome address, said if the NPP is to continue to work hard and win power in 2020, it must do away with all manner of behaviours and attitudes that derail the efforts of the party.

In his view, the John Mahama led National Democratic Congress party seeks to derail efforts of Ghana and push Ghana backward and delay the progress of Ghana. This according to him must not be allowed to happen.

He called on the NPP on the need to stop being selfish as a government. He called on the rank and file of the party and leadership not punish others with power, stop spreading false romour and also halt efforts to revenge when others go wrong within the party.

“We cannot take revenge into an election year.” He said adding that pride and arrogance must be a thing of the past. He called on all party faithful to stop complaining since it does not benefit anyone.

Let us put away arrogance and pride was not all he advised on, in his submission during the welcome address, he again reiterated that opposition will be much worse with attitudes such as pride, spitefulness, complaining, revenge and others and they must not be allowed to follow the party into 2020.

He asked party members not to stand in the way of victory in 2020 as Ghana goes into the election. The NPP Annual National Delegates Conference is expected to end the 2019 and usher the NPP into election 2020.

The New Patriotic Party has tagged its Annual National Delegates Conference “4 More to do More.”

Discussions on the event on TV3 during the conference has touched on the promises of the party to improve microeconomics stability. The NPP is clearly positioning itself to win the 2020 election and get four more years to rule Ghana. The party believes its achievements have been unprecedented in the history of Ghana.

In an interview with The Mayor of Accra, Hon. Nii Adjei Sowah, on TV3, indicated that Greater Accra is the deciding region in Ghana’s elections and plays a major roll in the winning elections by any political party.

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He said reaching out to people in Greater Accra is important for victory in 2020. In his views, voters in Accra will look at the deliverables of the government if they are to vote the NPP into power for another four years.


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