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NDC’s 2019 Solidarity Message Scared NPP Delegates -[Audio and Text]

NDC's Solidarity message scared

NDC’s Solidarity message Scared NPP delegates at the National Delegates Conference is worth listening to. The NPP delegates at the event did not feel comfortable with the tone of the message and kept screaming and chanting to distrust the reading of the message. 

Below is the full text of the message NDC’s solidarity message scared NPP delegates at the ongoing 27th Annual Delegates Conference ongoing at the Trade Fair in Accra. Listen to the feedback and comments as well. 

At a time when politics has unfortunately become exclusively acutely fractious and divisive

Such solidarity reminds us all that political rivalry ought not to be misconstrued as enmity.

Our politics should be a contest of ideas to take this country forward and not the reason to tear it apart. 

NDC’s Solidarity message Scared NPP delegates continued: 

Our ideologies, policies, and approaches may be different but that is the beauty of political pluralism. Fundamentally, however, we share a common purpose and aspiration to provide political leadership for the development of our dear country. We need to demonstrate to our ardent supporters that we are not at war with each other and that our common enemies are poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, underdevelopment, corruptionmismanagement, and poor leadership.

What unites us is deeper and stronger than what divides us. The NDC is sincere and committed to the ideal that no party out of government should wish failure for any government. If government programs are successful they will enure to the benefit of the generality of our people. 

It will be good for the over trumpeted red, gold and green free SHS to succeed so that the incoming NDC government in 2020 can sustain and improve it to make it better for all Ghanaians.

Ghana will be better for it. Mr. Chairman, your excellency Mr. President this time of the year reminds us all of the need for peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. You need both and therein lies the challenge to our opposite in government. You have the opportunity to apply these two concepts so that they impact positively on the lives of our fellow countrymen and women.

Regrettably, Mr. Chairman, we have witness policies and regulatory interventions that have had dare constituencies for entrepreneurs, skills staff, and customers of financial institutions. We have witness mass existing of Ghanaians from jobs in the public sector just because they profess political phylosophies other than yours.

Our teachers are suffering, market women are suffering, students are suffering, nurses are suffering, doctors are suffering, the vice president is suffering. 

Additionally, Mr. Chairman, press freedom is under siege. The continues closure of media houses perceived to be sympathetic to the NDC is a blot on our political dispensation, on our democracy and undermines tolerance and freedom of expression. It is a legacy no one should be proud of. 

Mr. Chairman, the NDC is closely monitoring the deliberate harassment of its National Chairman, Hon. Ofosu Ampofo.

Mr. Chairman, on this Christmas occasion, our message is peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. This should serve as a clarion call and a beacon providing light and guardians to all our parties in the effort to make Ghana better.

Finally, on behalf of the NDC and our flag bearer his Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the next president of the Republic of Ghana, we salute the NPP to hold a National Delegates Conference during this Christmas season when the sentiment of the majority of Ghanaians is a Sakora Christmas. 

Let me also congratulate all of you for the excellent organization of this event. We wish you well in all your celebration and we urge you not to forget to plan your exit from government in 2020. You have overstayed your welcome.

May your last months be fruit, God bless our homeland Ghana. 

NDC’s Solidarity message Scared NPP delegates audio below.


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