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7 Magnificent Ways to Lay Down Relationship Anxiety

Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is a reality that challenges two love birds that decide to share their lives. A relationship can be one of the most exciting experiences anyone might enjoy over a lifetime. This is true over the many dating apps and online platforms that have given a vibe to the venture.

However, if a relationship is not well mentored, it can turn sour to anxious thoughtful feelings that breath negative energy to its continuity.

With the sophistication in relationships these days, anxiety can crop up at any stage during dating and courtship. This is because the future of any love bite is unpredictable, and the thought of that alone can stir up anxiety.

It is pretty much common with starters in a courtship union to brew up some burning questions.

It’s possible to find the partakers of any love union crossing thoughts like; will it work out? How long is it going to last? Will he /she like me? Questions that have no instant answers, and at the end of the day, it creates a negative body image which makes us turn hostile against ourselves.

Nonetheless, this condition does not seem to wane away, even as the relationship takes shape. In fact, as the relationship between couples gets testier, anxiety looms, and it might just tremble things by getting intense.

It is only through learning the triggers of anxiety in relationships, and understanding how to keep anxiety in check that will enable us to pull through the relationship stages without much a hustle. Here are some practical ways to deal with relationship anxiety when it occurs.

#1 Trimming Thoughts that Encourage Relationship Anxiety

The critical thoughts that linger in our minds influence our overall perception. This could be as a result of previous exposure to elements that have affected to a large extent how we see ourselves. These could be powerful statements uttered by our loved ones, friends, and relatives.

Comments like “you are ‘fat,’ ‘ugly’; you are not his type” may trigger an inner voice that will always relate to those words and may cause aversion in a relationship by creating panic and anxiety.

To deal with such thoughts, one needs to engage the mind fully in the relationship without minding the inner critic as such words are only mere opinions but not facts. Secondly, it is wise to know that a relationship is not bound by outward appearance and perfection as true love is God-given and does not find fault.

#2 Rebuilding Lost Trust When Facing Relationship Anxiety

Among the top contributors to anxiety in relationships is lost trust among lovers. In most cases, trust is broken due to unmet promises, infidelity among partners, which causes an uncertain state in mind, thus generating anxiety in the relationship. This situation can turn chronic and advance to mental stress if not addressed. However, it is possible to fix trust issues by instituting some proved practices like, forgiveness, and other trust-building mechanisms that will prevent any further damage to the relationship.

#3 Building Broken Communication channels

If a relationship lacks efficient communication, then anxiety will begin to mount. This is common, especially when one cannot in any way express his desires either through speech or action. In most cases, the relationship is taken over by anger, suspicion, and sadness.

It becomes stagnant, and without happiness. Nevertheless, to deal with anxiety brewed from broken communication calls for both partners to drop their grudge and personal interests. To sacrifice for the better of the future of their relationship, and taking part in activities that promote togetherness, encourage more communication, and consulting each other is the best way to deal with such anxiety.

#4 Maintaining a Positive Energy

A good relationship is like a lovely recipe, everything is measured for a purpose, and the procedures followed for the better of the outcome. The positive approach between partners will save the relationship from significant setbacks and in return, will contribute to a better foreseeable future of the relationship. As constant negativity will only make the participants adopt a stressful way of life. Hostility and continuous criticism are some of the negative attitudes that make one of the partners develop anxiety. It is only through maintaining a positive vibe that can save the partners from relationship anxiety.

#5 Increase Physical Affection

Never underestimate the power of physical conduct, whether it is just a mere touch, or a tight hug plays a significant role in solving relationship anxiety. Despite the current space in a relationship, frequent physical conducts are well known to lead to meaningful communication, which in return scraps away anxiety generated by distant partners.

#6 Discuss the Needs Between Partners

Anxiety might arise from unmet expectations and needs; however, in the rare case these happen, it is essential to convene a meeting between partners and talk about the position of everyone’s needs in the relationship. To put them into perspective is to write them down. Put the best foot forward towards meeting the other partners needs even if they do not seem to. Work effortless to meet their needs even though they might not match the efforts, as the best way to clear any doubts of commitment and anxiety is to expect nothing in return.

#7 Participate in Frequent Gym Workouts To deal with Relationship Anxiety

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is by giving 100% concentration on body workouts. This is true as the old saying that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” When the mind is entirely focused, it will not give room for anxious thoughts. It provides the mind with peace and energy towards making a relationship work for a better tomorrow. Also, building the overall body health and structure, and it will boost self-esteem, thus creating a positive body image towards oneself.

As there is no better way of achieving something than trying it out, dealing with relationship anxiety may take some time, or call for active measures. However, in the end, it is beneficial and achievable. With constant practice, one will gain the courage to handle anxiety. In the long run, it will be resourceful not only to the relationships but also to the other beloved partner.


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