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Lady confesses: I poisoned mom to enjoy my dad alone

I poisoned mom to enjoy
Lady confesses: I poisoned mom to enjoy my dad's "thing" alone

If you hear that the world is a place for surprises, don’t blink before believing. There are ming blowing wonders and this is just one of the few.

Sharon who poisoned er mom is now in the custody of the police and assisting in investigations She poisoned her mom to enjoy her father on her alone.

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Upon graduating the university, Shanon came back from London (UK) to represent her mother country, Nigeria. She liked her dad and finally fell in love with him. She actually loved her father more than her mother. Before the two could know, they have developed strong feelings for each other.

One night while her mother took a trip, Sharon bounced into her dad’s place. Once she arrived and saw the manhood of her dad standing high, she could not help but jump at it to fulfill her desire to please the heart.

The daddy-daughter affair lasted for a while and nobody heard them. One fine morning, when all of Sharon’s family were sitting down and enjoying the sunset, she wanted her dad who then cuddled his wife to quench that desire. Sharon continued to signal her daddy, who reported calming her in turn.

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Sharon, who just couldn’t control her drive to go pants down with her dad that very morning, walked into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for her parents, who were already cuddling. She contaminated her mother’s breakfast which led to her death.

The father broke down when he heard what the daughter had done, she said, “I wanted daddy for myself alone, I wanted to enjoy his manhood. I was attracted to him. I’m sorry daddy”. What a world we find ourselves.

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Whiles many are blaming the lady for taking such a step to eliminate her biological mother, others strongly oppose to the action and blame the father for all that had happened. Some are also calling for the father to be tried and jailed as well.

Her I poisoned mom to enjoy dad’s “thing” alone mindset has landed the entire family in pain and anguish. What a selfish life.


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