Home Sports Lopez knocks out Commey in IBF lightweight title fight -Trending Video

Lopez knocks out Commey in IBF lightweight title fight -Trending Video

Lopez knocks out Commey in IBF lightweight title fight -Trending Video

Lopez knocks out Richard Commey out in the 2nd Round to become the IBF lightweight title champion.

The epic fight took place in New York on December 14 at the Madison Square Garden.

The fight that was scheduled to travel twelve rounds was never to be. Two rounds was enough for Richard Commey of Ghana to loose high hold on the IBF lightweight belt.

Teofimo Lopez landed 31 shots out of 35 big shots. That is 88.5% of those power packed venoms. Richard Commey was defenseless and fragile and fought like he was not meant to be in the fight.

“Punching hard, right hand , left hand. Until the referees steps in Commeny is in trouble, Lopez is still frying, right performance by Lopez, out standing works” said the commentator.

Indeed A SAD NIGHT FOR GHANAIANS! as Lopez knocks out Commey

When news came, it was simply put: Lopez knocks out Commey.  This broke the hearts of African boxing lovers and Ghanaians in particular. Trendit360.com can confirm Ghanaian boxing fans are shocked.

The president of Ghana, President Nana Addo, before the fight wished the Ghanaian boxer and defending champion the best of luck.

He was expected to win the fight but, he messed up. He will watch round two replays and shake his heard in disbelief.



Ghanaian boxers like Azuma Nelson who was admitted into the boxing hall of fame is one of the few Africa boxers who showed power, class and quality to the admiration of world boxing fans.

Today, the Africa country that used to produced world class boxers is deficient when it comes to world title holders.

It was a night of greatness for Teofimo Lopez of Mexico as he dished out endless massive punches that dazed the defending champion.

It took the referee of the night to save Richard Commey from the punishment that Teofimo Lopez was serving within the four corners of the ring on the night.

Many have said the fight was like a father and son bout. Congratulations to Teofimo Lopez for winning the IBF lightweight title. 


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