Home Trending News 6-year-old girl allegedly killed for rituals at Adiembra

6-year-old girl allegedly killed for rituals at Adiembra

6-year-old girl allegedly killed

6-year-old girl allegedly killed for rituals at Adiembra leaves countless inhabitants in the area devastated and alarmed.

The alleged crime look place at Adiembra a community close to Dompim in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality located in Ghana’s Western Region.

Information gathered by the Ghana Police Service revealed that, the deceased father left the children at home and went to the farm.

Later in the day, one of the three children run to the farm to inform the their father that, two men visited them at home and kidnapped the younger of the three whose name has been given us Cecilia Cobbinah.

The kidnappers took the girl away to an unknown destination. Father of the children rushed home with the complainant.
Village folks join in search of the little girl. The kidnapped girl’s body was found lifeless. She had sustained deep cut on her throat.

An official complaint was lodged with the Ghana Police Service. The police went to the scene of the crime and found the lifeless body of Cecilia Cobbinah lying in a supine position with her throat slashed with a sharp object.

Kidnapping and ritual killings have been a worrying trend in the past two years in Ghana with the kidnapping and killing of the three Takoradi girls being one of the worrying crimes that is yet to be fully unraveled by the security agencies.

Efforts at protecting life and property, bring such criminals to book and seeking justice for the deceased is one sure way through which such criminal activities can be brought under control.

It is suspected to have been a ritual murder as police have commenced investigations to unravel the mystery that will explain why the 6-year-old girl allegedly killed for rituals suffered the ordeal. As the festive season draws nearer, parents need to keep their children safe whiles the Ghana police also discharges its duties to protect life and property.


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