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Child Abuse by Wicked Nigerian Lady, Smashes Little Girl on Hard Ground (VIDEO)

Child Abuse by Wicked Nigerian

Child abuse by wicked Nigerian lady which was caught on camera via secrete filming by a neighbour has gone viral. In the video, she smashed the baby on the street out of anger.

She abused the little girl by pulling her out of the car after landing some punches on her in the car.

She smashed her on the ground as though she was fighting wrestling with the defenseless little girl. How on earth could this be done to a child?

Probably, the little girl may not be her biological child. Even if she was, she was not threat a fellow human like that.

The little girl sensing danger had to run for dear life and no amount of advice from those around made her change.

This child abuse by wicked Nigerian lady must not go unpunished. The inhuman act of the woman must not go unnoticed by the Nigerian Police Service.

Having committed the abominable act, she became restless then went to sit in her car.

She sat in the driver’s seat for a while whiles another lady stood by her advising her to be patient but she will take none of that.

The gentleman who took the video got the start of the bad act and abuse spot on with the timely video if not this barbaric act would have gone unnoticed.

Such individuals must be made to face the full arm of the law to deter like-minded persons.

In the process of harming the little girl, she used the door of the car to hit her little baby and that even got her more annoyed and charged the more. We all need emotional intelligence and she needs a lot of it.

Apparently the little girl in the car had done something wrong which made hr go mad. We suspect some valuable might have gone missing or cannot be traced in the car. The sad incident might have taken place in Nigeria as the lady spoke as though she was a Nigerian.

Some Ladies Can Be Very Wicked …What At All Has This Child Done…God Have mercy … I hope the law Deal With Her…I believe is not her own child.


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