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No bathing nor “anus” cleaning a week to bathwater preparation- NEW VIDEO


No bathing nor cleaning of “anus” for a week before bathwater preparing. This revelation has made many throw out already.

The earlier story Pastor Serves Bath Water at Church – Video is worth watching.

I didn’t bath for a week before preparing bathwater. I never cleaned my self after visiting the loo. This is the latest shocking revelation by the Bathwater Anionting Pastor who shared his bath water to church members to drink.

He has defended his “God-given direction” and said God directed him to give bathwater to church members.

When his video hit the internet, many called for his arrest for bathing in the presence of church members and giving them the water to drink in the name of “Direction from God.”

“Direction from God” – No bathing nor anus cleaning a week to bathwater preparation

In the latest video relating to his rather questionable “Direction from God”.

He has explained to Kofi TV in a video sighted by Trendit360.com that his wife did not drink the bathwater.

This is so because she did not need it and he the pastor is the husband hence the source was her better half.

He added that he needed no approval from the Ghana Foods and Drugs Authority because he is doing spiritual work and the FDA has no idea about such matters.

He shockingly defended his action and the water he gave to his congregants.

God must be crazy – to say no bathing nor anus cleaning a week to bathwater preparation.

God must be crazy to give such a direction.  When asked if it was right for a pastor to urinate in water and ask people to drink.  He responded in the affirmative.

He added that he did not bath for a week, never cleaned himself after visiting the loo as directed.

The pastor said he did all that prior to the event in the chapel. That was to ensure that the preparation of the bathwater for his congregants was as directed by God.

According to him, he has done damming things as directed by God and that, the congregants use the bathwater to deal with their spiritual issues.

Are pastors real or fake?

We leave in a modern world where many still lack basic knowledge, have no understanding of the implications of unhygienic so-called directions from God.

God is clean and dislikes dirt, how come he gives such directions to such self-styled men of God.

It looks as though many of these negative elements have flooded the Christian faith and pastoral work and are leading others astray.

It is also difficult to tell why many educated persons even fall victim to such sycophants.

Such self-made men of God need to arrested, questioned and examined critically to ensure they are mentally stable.

The reality today is that there are many mentally derailed persons who have found pastoral work as the best place to hide their mental challenges.

Christianity is getting out of hands in Africa especially Ghana. The Christian Council of Ghana needs to step up its effort at ensuring such “crazy” acts are halted.

Self-styled men of God need to be regulated, Such deeds in the name of prophecies, divine directions and need to be halted and sanity and dignity brought to the Christain faith.

If this is a prophetic or true direction from God, then the Christian faith is in danger.


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