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Pastor Serves Bath Water at Church – Video

Pastor Serves Bath Water

Pastor serves bathwater at church to his congregation and no one in the congregation saw nothing wrong with this act. This is one of the antics of a supposed man of God from Ghana. Such a character is not only an amusing behavior but needs to be arrested by the police. 

In the sad video that is breaking the internet, the “man of God” is seen in a blue barrel containing water.

He immersed himself several times and told the congregation that God had directed him. Strangely, no one questions him but rather the congregation clapped in excitement for their leader.

In the background was an elderly man seated comfortably. Age comes with experience and common sense but, it seemed even the elders of this church were deficient in this. The health implications of this act never crossed their minds. They seemed to be in agreement and the youth saw nothing wrong for they have believed in their leader. 

Young ladies serving as interpreters seemed to have also been brainwashed as they watch on seemingly excited.

One said, anointing! , another in blue dress kept speaking in tongues (…ma ma  ya kata …) while the so-called man of God who was in boxer shots kept immersing himself into the water to make it ready for his church members.

When he was done, he spoke in the Akan language and said. “Now, it is time for us all to drink the water that God has used me to prepare for the End Time Church of Pent members.”

He called on the elderly man to be the first to drink while he, the pastor was still standing in the water. Once the old man had a drink, the church members would have no option but to do the same. The pastor himself did not drink it.

Congregation drinks bath water such as this at their now risk and when a pastor serves bathwater, you know such a church is not from God. 

Once the old man had drunk, the members of the church were called to come forward to have a drink. Young men and young ladies come forward to have a share. 

The supposed man of God also asked church members to make sure they take some of the water homes as well. 

Along the line, the members seemed to be unwilling to drink the water, many were not queuing up as directed so the pastor started insisting that they made the queue.
The security agencies in Ghana must look for this pastor and arrest him.

This is a crime and such persons must not be allowed to throw dust into the eyes of people.

Although there is freedom of region enshrined in the constitution, such barbaric activities in the name of religion need to be looked at critically.

The health implications can be devastating for those who drank the dirty water prepared by the so-called man of God. This kind of pastors abounds in Africa.

Everyone who has seen this video is shocked. We are in the 21st century and expect people around the world to be assertive and stand up against such activities. This can never be right. 

Something must be wrong with the African mind and understanding of the true Christian religion. This is so because no true man of God or pastor serves bath water and this act must be condemned.  

See how the pastor came out to defend his conduct. 

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